What does unprecedented change look like?

Using Creativity, compassion and genius to solve global warming.

Jonathan Wise is co-Founder of Comms Lab and Purpose Disruptors. He started out as a Planning Director at agencies including JWT and JWT having won the IPA Effectiveness Award for launching TV channel Dave.

Jonathan Wise, talks to Stephanie Rosilio on the Grandkids Test podcast about how the advertising industry can respond to the climate emergency. More than that, Jonathan questions why we are here, on this planet, and touches on how we can prosper and grow, in new and more caring ways.

What’s on the show:

  • About Jonathan and Commslab
  • What does unprecedented change look like for the advertising industry? (3.45)
  • How we have a beautiful opportunity to innovate, build and effect change (4.49)
  • What it is to be a “good man”? (8.08)
  • On how the advertising industry can shape behaviors and Jonathan’s views on how we can shift to a more sustainable way of living (10.50)
  • On the “myth of endless growth” and the freedom we have to make decisions to impact our future (14.23)
  • On connecting to your feelings to find solutions (23.00)
  • Thinking about freedom heroes and getting people to see they are also free to create new pathways (26.40)
  •  It’s not about how brands can do good in the world..it’s about changing the basis of decision making (29.20)
  • What is prosperity for life on earth and how does growth fit in – not growth at all costs (32.44)
  • Inject the voice of youth into business (37.33)
  • It’s about shifting decision making and the inclusion of heart in business (38.30)
  • Rejuvenating to walk in nature (42.00)

Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn and through his websites: https://www.thecommslab.com/




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