Interview with Laura Hunter, Creative Director, Futerra


In this conversation, Laura Hunter, Creative Director at change agency Futerra, talks about the massive cultural shift we’ve experienced over the last 6 months on climate change. This immense shift is a powerful signal to brands and businesses indicating that it’s time to pivot, take bold action and build robust sustainable strategies that go beyond glossy purpose statements.

We touch on ways for brands to be more honest and transparent about their products. We look ahead at how to get ready to grow in a post carbon era and we talk about ways for people to have the courage to step up and focus on the solutions to our big challenges.


0.00 – 4.30 Intro + exploring cultural shift on climate change over last 6 months

4.30-5.36 We’re at a pivotal time – we get to decide what kind of future we create

5.37-9.28 Exploring Truth & Honesty and the Interplay consumer / brand is evolving

9.28 -11.00 On hope, logic and magic

11.00-11.35  “in terms of the cultural impact ..action in this space”

11.35- 13.09 Laura’s Biggest concerns

13.39 – 14.48 On optimism and focusing on solutions

14.48 – 16.22 Courage needed to ‘step up’

16.22-17.55 Building robust credible plans behind glossy purpose statements

17.55-19.35 Laura talks about ways to stay motivated, surrounding herself with optimists, and looking ahead.

19.40 Stephanie’s concluding comments.


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