Interview with Fernando Desouches, Managing Director, DDB Perfect Storm.

In this conversation Fernando talks passionately about how men are in crisis and how brands can offer new more useful social narratives for men.

We touch on what it is to be a modern man. Fernando talks about how being a ‘successful’ man is being able to connect to our feelings and emotions.

It’s up to brands to offer more varied aspirational models showing many ways for men to be themselves.

0.00 – 1.50 BBD Perfect Storm mission

5.18 Men do still crack under pressure

5.45 If men are ‘broken’ how can brands fix the problem?

6.10-7.31 “Brands can help change the definition of what it is to be successful…narrow..define the view of what it is to be a successful man…key role that brand communication can have”

7.31  Brands can help shape what is acceptable and what is not

9.10 What is a better portrayal of men for men?

10.00-11.25 “now for the first time in many years men get a purpose in life not just by doing but by being..vulnerable… be who you are..productive for society”

11.25- 13.00 Key for brands is to talk about those spaces where men can be themselves. We need to offer more varied, nuanced portrayals of men.

13.15- 15.32 On connection

15.40-17.38  Key challenges in terms of “getting it right” for brands

17.38-19.38 Positive benefits for brands to offer new more useful social narratives for men

19.30  On aligning personal purpose and values to those of the brands we purchase

20.40 “We need to help young men and women also that they need to serve others and not just be served”

21.00 – 24.00 Fernando’s personal motivation and inspiration

21.30 “brand communication can help relax the anxiety we have”

24.00-25.38 On follow the fear…responding to your inner desires and motivations to keep you going

25.38-27.25 Stephanie’s closing comments.

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