Interview with Matt Golding, Founder of Rubber Republic

Matt Golding has been creating fun viral campaigns and films for brands, businesses, charities and NGOs. He’s now re-booted his business to use creative talent to create fun film and viral campaigns taking people on a journey that can move us to take brave action – the aim is for us to find ways to tackle climate change, our mental health crisis and over-consumption.

In this conversation, Matt’s pragmatic idealism goes deep as he shares his views on how people hold immense power – he believes we can transcend our fears of change, tap into our emotions and use compassion and love as tools to do the brave work needed to make the world a better place.

0.00 – 1.07 Intro

1.07 – 3.33 What Rubber Republic do – they create fun viral content to tackle climate crisis, unthinking consumption and the mental health crisis.

3.33 – 6.21 What is the desired impact of Rubber Republic’s fun viral content?

– 9.23 Role of the Film / campaigns and entertainment is to help people on their journey, to open people to feeling more comfortable with their feelings..

– 27.33 How can businesses be part of the solution to our “big” issues?

Change is slow – trying to help find clever ways to help them be part of the soultion

– 12.52 We cannot do “business as usual” and save the planet at the same time

– 14.21 On innovation and fear of change – Don’t delay confronting the problems

14.12-15.07  “my perception…scare me as well the relative fear of changing my business is countered by the fear of….forced on us…don’t change..not safe…earlier”

16.00 – Biggest challenges?

15.30-20.30 – It is important to find solutions within the capitalist system. We need to be more creative within the system

20.50 Using entertainment and humour is a great way to ignite a feeling of positivity and connectedness so that we can all feel that change is possible

21.54- 24.36 – People have more power than they think – we tend to separate our heads from our hearts – if we listen to our feelings more often we might find ways to unlock innovation and change.

25.58-27.22 “if you’re not happy..creating repressed negative energy…not doing anything about it doesn’t solve it..healthy to listen to your heart…that’s a fair way for society to operate in…impact”

30.10 On Thinking outside the box – beyond capitalism + aligning work with your values and treating people with kindness in the workplace.

30.20 -31.32

Follow your heart “our heads are indoctrinated…incorrect information…probably wrong”

33.57 On creative inspiration

To End – On Matt’s visions of the future


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