Interview with Lou Banks, CEO Rising Vibe.

Lou Banks, CEO of Rising Vibe, passionately believes in what she calls a more “humanized leadership” style – this is simply where people are more themselves at work and feel safe to be open about their feelings and emotions.

Throughout our relaxed conversation, we touch on deep insights and explore simple and powerful strategies to support us in such challenging times. Lou outlines a more wholesome work ethic that may pave the way to a healthier work setting for generations to come.

What’s in the podcast:

2.12-2.50 Rising Vibe and why it’s important to be open about our feelings at work.

2.50-5.08  On acknowledging how we feel at work, how to do this appropriately and why it is important

5.44 Tools we can access and ways to present our feelings in a useful way at work.  Distinction “self-disclosure” Vs “over-sharing”

7.12 -9.35 Setting boundaries
It is brilliant to create a safe environment but you need a cut off in business to ensure this does have a positive impact

9.35 -14.09 What is your focus of attention? What might go right?

How do you get support when we all feel we are in crisis? NHS frontline workers example – Changing our focus of attention is empowering.

14.09 – 19.24 How to help those who cannot see a glimmer of hope and how do you support decision makers and leaders right now?

Compassion + Staying true to your values + Keep showing up as you normally would + Taking responsibility for your actions

19.25 On being open and honest

20.35 –On Navigating uncertainty. We talk about how to be better equipped to have the “conversations needed”

23.30 – What are we learning right now? Hope that we are transitioning into a more humanized leadership going forward. No nonsense approach, be real, be you. Why this is a better way to be in the workplace.

26.55 What gives Lou hope? Work-play lifestyle blending together more in the future.

28.28 What are the key challenges ahead? Tackling depression on a large scale

30.04 Day to day ways to lift us up?

Rising vibrational scale – used to check in emotional health – observing your patterns of thoughts so that you notice what makes you feel good.

30.54-31.59 On raising self-awareness

33.23 Rapid fire questions

Motivation hack – ask yourself “what am I learning from this?

Key messages: What can I do to help myself feel better right now?

37.55  Final comments

Show Notes:

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