Grandkids Test podcast talks about how to build a better future for generations to come. Launches Friday 15th November.

So here’s your daily routine: You alarm goes off and you get ready for work. You set goals, you work to deadlines and the days, weeks and months roll on. You get paid and you settle your bills. Goes without saying, the more money you make the better your life can be, right? Such is the code of conduct for us first-world privileged beings.

For me, and for many others no doubt, I’ve often asked the rebellious question “what is the point of it all?” sounds negative but truly it comes from a good place. What I mean is “Can I do better? How am I making a difference to the world, to others?“ Surely, we all have a level of social consciousness, even if, it has been deeply stamped out by the normalization of the pursuit of money.

This heightened focus on profits and commercial growth has certainly done lots of good. But now it is impossible to ignore the bad impact too. Wherever we turn, we’re being called out – it’s loud and clear, we’re destroying our planet – we are amazing and we’ve used all our creative energy to offer everything we could possibly want and more, at the simple click of a button. But now “everything” is too much. Our mental health is at crisis point and our current rate of consumerism is simply unsustainable.

I’ve long held the belief that we are all inherently good – also a big fan of French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau who proclaimed the natural goodness of human beings. He believed that we could be just and good without effort.  His “social contract” has left a mark on my own vision of the world.

I am on my own journey, but now my head and my heart are hurting. I now feel an urgency to show how we can ultimately use our genius, our talents and our influence to become a force for good. Meanwhile, the words “purpose” and “ethical” have become buzzwords for brands and business. It is time to do better, to re-think and to create better. Purpose statements are worthless without a solid backbone. It seems that being “good” and getting it “right” is not easy.

It is time to hear new stories, time to tell new stories, ones that will secure a better, more viable world for our future generations. The stories we’ve heard for so long are broken, no longer convincing, and people are increasingly feeling outraged.

So I’ve reached out to the bold thinkers who are paving the way forward to build a new kind of wellbeing using our creative talents and commercial nous.  On the show I interview business leaders and innovative thinkers to talk about ways to create new and more positive social narratives and build solid systems for a sustainable future for generations to come.

Change is hard. We all want it but we don’t always know how to do it. Join us on this quest to find workable solutions. By listening to stories from visionaries who are paving the way forward, you too can take steps to turning frustrations to pragmatic optimism, bravery and bold action. Episode one of Grandkids Test Podcast goes live Friday 15th November.