In my recent conversation with Lou Banks, CEO of Rising Vibe, she asked the simple and poignant question “Why not focus on what might go right?”  

Even self-proclaimed optimists are currently struggling to see how the future will shape up in their favor so it’s good to remind ourselves that we can flick a switch in our minds to trigger more helpful thought processes…”what might go right?” is now my new mantra.

In episode 8 of the Grandkids Test podcast, my guest Lou Banks, talks passionately about a more ‘humanized leadership’ style. This is simply where people feel they can be more themselves at work, more open about their feelings and emotions. In our chat, Lou outlines a practical framework for a more wholesome work ethic – here are a few ‘easy to adopt’ ways to boost your wellbeing at work:


Think of what might go right not what might go wrong. A small shift in perspective can impact how we feel. If we start to observe our repeated thought patterns, we can pause and start to pivot in a more helpful direction.

Be open, be real, be yourself. Are you true to yourself at work or do you prefer to look strong and in control? Finding ways to signal how you are feeling will improve your mental health at work and ensure better performance.

Be guided by your core values in times of crisis. In times of uncertainty, it is hard to know what is the ‘right’ and ‘best’ way forward. Staying true to your values and trusting who you are and what you stand for is a skill worth nurturing.

Check-in with yourself. As with physical exercise we can train our minds to think in more helpful ways. The key is to build self-awareness. Here are some questions to ask ourselves on a regular basis: What am I focusing on? Is this helpful? What can I learn from this? What can I do to help myself feel better?

Listening to Lou, I certainly feel that if we all developed this more “humanized” style of leadership, we will be paving the way to a more healthy working environment for generations to come.


For the full interview, tune in to episode 8 of The Grandkids Test podcast below. Episode 8 is kindly sponsored by