Jonathan Wise talks to Stephanie Rosilio on the Grandkids Test podcast about how the advertising industry can respond to the climate emergency. More than that, Jonathan questions why we are here, on this planet, and touches on how we can prosper and grow, in new and more caring ways.

In this rich and poignant interview, Jonathan shares his personal story where he started out as a successful advertising man. After many years as a Planning Director, helping drive the growth of his clients, Jonathan completed a Masters degree in sustainability. This opened his eyes to the broader consequences of his success, resulting in great discomfort. He had been told he was doing ‘good’ but was he actually doing ‘bad’? This crisis resulted in him asking important but strangely absent questions in our society, such as ‘What is it to be a mature man?”

Quoting Paul Hawken’s “Project Drawdown”, Jonathan suggests that rather than seeing our climate emergency as something that happens to us, we can see it as an invitation to innovate, build and effect change. We talk about breaking down “the myth of endless growth”, being honest about the “fake reality” we live in and finding a more grounded way of living, respectful of the laws of nature.

The interview takes us to some dark places and then lifts us up again, enlightening us on how to break the mould. If we embrace our innate freedom, and if we truly connect to what is sacred to us, it is possible to find our inner wisdom and activate change – it’s a great wake up call– tune in to the Grandkids Test podcast to hear the full story. 

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