Get back to basics to be more productive.

 Spring has officially started and our mornings feel brighter. I love this time of year because I am filled with a sense of optimism. I can see how far I have come but April is not too far advanced in the year for me to feel that my goals may be missed – that I might be running out of time. 

I find it’s a great time to spring clean my work and strip back to basics to get more done.

Back to Basics – what does this mean?

1. Minimalism

Schedule half a day to work with your colleague(s) without using any tech whatsoever to tackle your most important project plan.

 Not long ago I had one of my most productive mornings. I had scheduled a half-day meeting to thrash out a new project. I booked a room, checked the tech was working and I was all set.

 All changed when my colleague arrived holding just a pen and paper – her mobile had been stolen and her tablet had ‘crashed’. We had no choice but to actually talk it all out – words, pen and paper – for 3 hours – and I can safely say that it was hands down the most productive morning I had experienced in months.

The vital game changer was two-way verbal communication – we did not simply write down our ideas and plans together, we tweaked them on the fly and we listened to each other’s ideas.

When we got excited, it hit us so clearly. We subconsciously noticed the variations in tone of voice and body language and we naturally responded to these signs positively. By following what excited us, we felt more driven and more motivated to deliver results. More importantly, this type of face-to-face engagement made us feel listened to, appreciated and valued.

By removing screens, we relied on our senses more and the experience intensified.

Instead of using Google, Word and Excel to search, check and support us we accessed our creative power and followed raw intuition. I was startled by the outcome and I felt completely uplifted. When was the last time you had that sensation after a 3-hour meeting?

Trust the wise Albert Einstein who once said: “If you want different results, do not do the same things.” Scheduling face to face meetings may seem counter-intuitive, given our heavy schedules, but testing new styles such as ‘no tech’ sessions
or 10-mins outdoor walking meetings or chats at your favourite local café, may break your usual pattern and allow for surprising results.

2. Focus on the number ONE

One Task – Start with your one most important task, not the most urgent– the one task that will make your day go from good to great. Ask yourself “what will make today great?” to keep you focused.

One Challenge – Be honest about what is holding you back. Recognise your ‘demon’, name it and write it down. Then, visualise your demon – tell your demon to sit in the room but far away, in a place you can barely see. Your demon is there, but you’ve decided you will not be paying attention to this monster. Instead, listen to your positive voice, feed it, amplify it, shine bright lights on it and give it permission to guide you.

One Intention – Before you speak, before you start a meeting before you start a task, set ONE clear intention for the activity. What is the ONE outcome you desire?

3. Say NO instead of yes

We live in a society where we feel that saying NO comes across as negative, confrontational and unhelpful. While I am not denying this can be the case, saying YES to everything is ultimately going to be counter-productive

So, it’s time to practice the art of saying NO – clearly, the sensible selection is down to you – however, once you get into the mindset that you don’t always have to say YES, it will start to come more naturally and you will embrace the power of NO – it allows you to breathe and frees you up to focus on what really matters.

Test new styles of work, small tweaks can have a profound impact. Let me know your thoughts and feedback


Spring Clean Coaching Programmes  

Would you like to step back, give yourself space, time and accountability to kick-start your Spring Clean? Do you want the rest of the year to go from good to GREAT?

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The Spring Clean programme is ideal to tackle both short-term goals and to establish a framework for longer-term goals and achieving strong foundations. There is a discounted rate available until 24 April. Spaces are limited so schedule an initial discovery call to get more details and to find out how we could move forward together.