Be brave – own up to your fears, take control and stay in the driving seat

We all know that to be the best we can be we need to be brave and lead courageously. We’ve heard this many times and yet it doesn’t always feel easy to do.

Face your fears

To be brave we need to own up to our fears and move forward despite them. 

Here’s a simple exercise to deal with fear – instead of fighting to eliminate them, give fear a seat on your journey. But beware, fear must stay in the back seat of your car, or better still, leave fear in the car boot.

The first step in achieving your big goals is to address what’s holding you back.

So here is your August challenge:

  1. Admit you are scared
  2. Validate your feelings of fear
  3. Name your fear
  4. Accept you are in a vulnerable position
  5. Carefully place fear away from you – it is there but you are not paying attention to it
  6. If fear has a voice, turn the volume down, or better still, mute the sound
  7. Focus on ways you can be in control
  8. Stay in the driving seat at all times

Let me know how you get on with this powerful exercise, the challenges you faced and the fears you moved to the back seat.  

If you admit your fears but don’t allow them to control your actions, you will be taking your first steps towards playing big.

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