I coach bold thinkers and problem solvers to step into their full power
as world class innovators, thought leaders and international speakers.


There has never been a better time to drive innovation and positive change.
It’s time to go from talking about change to taking action.

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
 Nelson Mandela


Activate your unique talent to drive positive social and environmental change through creative thinking and problem solving. Access optimal mindset, focus and empowerment through energising coaching sessions.


Where bold leaders talk about ways to create a sustainable future for generations to come.


Subversive spaces to de-mystify innovation, co-create, collaborate and trigger transformational shifts in thinking. ‘Pop up’ panels, workshops, round tables and large scale conferences.


I’ve designed a structured coaching framework and signature programme for bold thinkers to step into their full power as innovators. The programme allows you to first, do some hard internal mindset work to gain clarity and focus on your core purpose, strategy and success criteria. Second, to turn outwards to position you and your ideas within today’s ecosystem to be timely and compelling, right now. By fully aligning your values and your work, you will experience a sense of freedom and empowerment to drive you to put your unique vision into motion.

Uncompromising on ambition, I will make you fully accountable to take action on your highest mission.

Go from ‘out of the box thinker’ to trailblazing visionary, world class thought leader and international speaker.
If you want to drive innovation to impact positive social and environmental change through business, science, creative channels, get in touch.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“I really didn’t expect the change to happen so fast. I am now looking forward to achieving my goals this year. Bring it on!”

Co-Founder, Mighty Social

"I was taken on a journey that empowered me to feel confident in my own authentic style of leadership - having found my voice, I can now grow my influence as a thought leader"

Product Lead, Curve

"Stephanie is an amazing coach who intuitively seemed to simultaneously identify and diagnose both the acknowledged and unacknowledged barriers holding me back. I now feel positive I will step up and achieve what I want.”

Head of Proposition Marketing , Thomson Reuters

”Using her detail-oriented and empathetic approach, not only did Stephanie help with key decisions but I’ve now got an arsenal of tools to draw on for anything from motivating and leading a team to ensuring I stay happy and focused”

Finance Director, Elvie

“Very quickly, coaching helped me identify the personal and professional values that define ‘brand me’, empowering me to play to my strengths."

Deputy Director, Department of Education

"I have been meeting with Stephanie for a few months and she has really fuelled my motivation and kick-started my creativity. She has helped me define goals, implement strategies and fine-tune my management style to be more effective and more importantly, more inspiring. I have looked forward to my sessions and have found our sessions helpful towards making positive change and growth."

Creative Director, Tech Start Up (Client wishes to remain anonymous)

Podcast – Grandkids Test

Launched November 2019

Bold business stories on how to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

The Grandkids Test explores how we can all as individuals and as business players take part in solving major social and environmental challenges. We talk about ways we can infuse our social consciousness and our hearts into our daily working lives. Change is hard. We all want it but we don’t know how to do it.

Join us on this quest for solutions. By listening to stories from visionaries paving the way to a better future, you too can take steps to turn frustrations into pragmatic optimism and bold action.

Brands Test

Brand owners talk about re-writing social narratives with more positive social impact.

Business Test

Business mavericks talk about how to be a part of the solution to big social and environmental challenges to protect generations to come.

Leaders Test

Conscious leaders share ways to behave in an inclusive, responsibel and kind way while keepong teams motivated and high performing. 

Grandkids Test Podcast

Where bold leaders talk about how to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Panels – Workshops – Conferences – Webinars
Remote sessions available

I design subversive spaces to provoke new thinking and engender action for change.

Finger on the pulse, I am passionate about shining the light on future thinking leaders and problem solvers with pioneering ideas. Having organised over 100 business conferences across Europe, Asia and the US, my speakers have regularly gone on to win prestigious awards.

Highly experienced in top quality event programming, I also offer pop up events, where we co-create and collaborate in carefully curated spaces to get new insights for transformational thinking. 

Previously I set up my own event series Be You Talks holding prestigious events to raise the profile of key issues affecting women and girls. The events gathered high profile politicians and business leaders to address the lack of diverse imagery in advertising campaigns and in the media. Both consumer and business to business events sold out and gained press coverage in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Campaign Magazine and relevant blogs.

Created events in-house and as a consultant for clients including Thomson Reuters, Hachette Publishing, Mobile Ecosystem Forum, TM Forum, Campden Events and Access Conferences.

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