As an NLP coach and events specialist, Stephanie empowers individuals and teams to become influential voices and thought leaders. Her coaching sessions bring unique talents to the fore, reigniting high levels of motivation and fostering transformation in a safe and supportive space. Stephanie excels in coaching neurodiverse leaders, championing different ways of thinking and communicating for enhanced productivity and well-being across organisations.

Having crafted over 100 events for clients including Financial Times, Thomson Reuters, Campden Wealth and Hachette, Stephanie loves to spark conversations that inspire future thinking on social and environmental issues.

Currently, Stephanie is setting up the social enterprise Neurodiverse Works offering events and coaching to help build a neuro inclusive workplace and more accepting society.  Stephanie is a Founding member of the Marketing Committee at The Wildheart Foundation, actively supporting children excluded from schools. Stephanie also hosted her ‘Be You Talks’ events series addressing issues affecting women’s body image (2013-2016) and her podcast “The Grandkids Test “ (2019) featured interviews discussing  sustainable change strategies.

Stephanie’s favourite phrase is “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?” Dr Seuss