coaching leaders wanting to make an impact


 Align Purpose, Impact and Profits 

Step into your power
Align your core values with your work
Feel excited, motivated and impactful

Coaching for entrepreneurs, senior executives and bold thinkers wanting to reconnect to purpose and take brave action, develop impactful leadership and build good business growth. 

I’ve designed a transformational programme to break down the barriers stopping leaders from aligning
purpose, impact and profits. It’s about mastering the art of combining compassion and productivity, connecting to your values, embracing fear and eliminating unhelpful patterns of behaviour.
You will match authentic leadership with your vision and bring your change-making ideas to life,
growing larger impact and building long-term profits.

Make NOW an opportune time for you to stand out
Get back into your zone of genius and make this your defining moment.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out? “

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Get support and accountability NOW

“Let nothing dim the light that shines within”
Maya Angelou

‘Talk to Action’ is a six step framework, I’ve designed to
accelerate your path to high impact leadership


Internal Process

1. Ignite

 Mission, Talents, Desires

Element: Fire

2. Crystalize

Unblock your blocks

Element: Crystal

3. Empower

Amplify your voice

Element: Light

External Process

4. Map Out

Critical Milestones

Element: Trees, Roots,  Earth

5. Connect

To Others, Clients, Ecosystem

Element: Branches

6. Re-birth

Test, Refine, Repeat

Element: Air

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Why work with me?

I work with incredibly determined, inventive people moving from a place of deep ambition to stepping into high impact leadership building purposeful and sustainable projects, strategies and businesses.

Having previously worked at the cutting edge of innovation, within media and technology start-ups, I fully understand the challenges of high pressure, budget-restricted, fast pace settings environments. I also love the thrill and fun that comes out of these spaces.

I am passionate about uncovering the immense power we each hold to drive innovation for social and environmental change through business and creative channels.

With the global pandemic, I believe we each need to work harder to gain a competitive edge, speak up and be heard. Presenting bold ideas, demonstrating an ability to problem-solve and lead more inclusive, sustainable, innovative strategies are vital skills in today’s ecosystem.

In November 2019, I created and hosted a nine-episode podcast series “The Grandkids Test” where bold leaders talked about ways to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

As a prolific content creator, I’ve designed over 100 business events across the globe and my own event series ‘Be You Talks’ (2013-2016) addressed issues affecting women and girls. 

My events have featured in national newspapers and key trade press (The Guardian, Huffington Post, Campaign Magazine).

My coaching work has been quoted as a case study by a client in Management Today.

Licenses and Credentials

NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching Practitioner , New Code NLP Practitioner NLP Academy

Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling
Regents University, London

Soul Therapy Practitioner Certificate
The Soul Therapy Centre, London

What Clients Say

“I really didn’t expect the change to happen so fast. I am now looking forward to achieving my goals this year. Bring it on!”

Co-Founder, Social Ad Business

"I was taken on a journey that empowered me to feel confident in my own authentic style of leadership - having found my voice, I can now grow my influence as a thought leader"

Product Lead, Curve

"Stephanie is an amazing coach who intuitively seemed to simultaneously identify and diagnose both the acknowledged and unacknowledged barriers holding me back. I now feel positive I will step up and achieve what I want.”

Head of Proposition Marketing , Thomson Reuters

”Using her detail-oriented and empathetic approach, not only did Stephanie help with key decisions but I’ve now got an arsenal of tools to draw on for anything from motivating and leading a team to ensuring I stay happy and focused”

Finance Director, Elvie

“Very quickly, coaching helped me identify the personal and professional values that define ‘brand me’, empowering me to play to my strengths."

Deputy Director, Department of Education

"I have been meeting with Stephanie for a few months and she has really fuelled my motivation and kick-started my creativity. She has helped me define goals, implement strategies and fine-tune my management style to be more effective and more importantly, more inspiring. I have looked forward to my sessions and have found our sessions helpful towards making positive change and growth."

Creative Director, Tech Start Up (Client wishes to remain anonymous)